When Artisan Spirits asked us to design their booth at the Bar Convent in Berlin in 2018, they launched the theme Il tempo vola, time flies! The label on the bottle actually illustrates a fast-flying swallow in art deco style.

All the elements were set, the flying bird, time and travel notions, the colors, and a bit of madness. Those were wild and inspiring elements, and we really went all-in. We started on the basis of reproducing an alarm clock, Art Deco motives, we considered using the wing of a plane as a bar counter, a brick wall with casted-in back-light logos, bright colors on the green side, and with the cuckoo coming out of the front wall. We also had a functioning transparent clock through the main wall allowing people to see the action inside the booth. That was a lot of fun for we did not follow any strict stylish guideline, we just threw in all the elements and made them work together. But really the result was great. It was kind of … cuckoo!

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