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Exhibition design

Imagine yourself tomorrow

Mongeau & Co, our Design Studio, is a leading company in the exhibition industry.
We follow the customer from the design phase up to the turnkey realization of exhibition stands, commercial spaces and interior design.

Thanks to our production network, with production units all over the world,we can assist you wherever your business brings you.
Our main offices are located in Milan and Singapore we guaranty the same quality, service and expertise either in ItalyEurope, Asia or even in America.

Our approach to every new project is based on the analysis of the brand and corporate identity, on inspirations, ideas, goals and experiences, which we pull together to create tailor-made solutions, unique and exclusive for any individual event.

Our team of interior designers, graphic artists, carpenters, decorators together with professional printers, electricians, light specialists and more will assist you anywhere in the world.

How does it work...


Let’s design

the stand together…


We create

customized graphics for the stand…


We build


customized graphics stand
stand design solutions
realization stand
realization booth rendering
customized stand
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We take care

of the paper work…


One team

for the realization of the booth…




Design, our passion…

Mongeau & Co offers a wide quantity of tailor fit solutions for all budgets, offer creative design solutions from the more conventional to the most extraordinary, for all sorts of events.

We can offer booth proposals designed to be reused multiple times, adaptable to various spaces, in different venues, allowing you to bring a strong and constant look everywhere you go.


Request: to create a space that can highlight the products and how they work.

Proposal: inspiration given by the turbines they produce, making curved walls that resemble the dynamic movement of air and water. Light boxes and colored lights highlighted the operation of them.

Size: 16×6 meters.

Beauty & Luxury Spa

Request: to create the packaging in the form of a trade show setup by including in launch of their new product.

Proposal: inspiration given by the confectionery world, as per the packaging, set in a village, highlighted by graphics, flowers and colorful display stations. A picnic-themed social area, with swing, attracts visitors to promote the new product.

Size: 10×4 meters.


Request: to create a simple space that adapts to the client’s communication needs.

Proposal: desire to create a scientific medical-healthcare space, enhanced by furniture elements and graphics related to Italian-ness, in order to communicate the company’s foundation.

Size: 9×5 meters.

Vag Distribution

Request: To create a space that can highlight the perfume bottles.

Proposal: inspiration given by the fragrances and their bottles. The choice of white and green contrasts the depth of the booth, in addition, the study of materials and the lighting system create a delicate interior.

Size: 5×3 meters.

Campari Group

Request: to create a Speak-easy.

Proposal: inspiration given by the Speak-easy’s of the Prohibition period, bringing to life a cozy space designed down to the smallest detail, highlighting the historical context of the company.

Size: 11×7 meters.